Your children’s safety

  • The best thing your children can do for you and themselves during a violent episode is to get away and protect themselves. Make a plan for what your children should do if they see you being abused make sure they understand the plan.
  • Choose a safe room for them to go to that has a lock and a phone, if they see abuse occurring.
  • Tell your children their most important job is to keep themselves safe.
  • Teach your children how to call for help. If they cannot safely get to a phone in your home, talk to them about getting to a neighbour’s phone, or a nearby payphone.
  • Teach your children that you do not need money to dial an emergency number. Teach them how to use a cellphone and help them memorize an emergency phone number.
  • Make sure your children know their name, address and phone number if they need help.
  • Rehearse with your children what they will say when they call for help. For example “My name is _____. I am ___ years old. I need help. Send the police. Someone is hurting my mom. The address here is _________. The phone number here is _________.”
  • Pick a safe and easy-to-get-to place to meet your children outside your home if you have had to quickly leave the house.
  • Teach your children the safest route to get to the safe place to meet.

This information is compliments of Northern Society for Domestic Peace