We appreciate all donations we receive. If you’re wondering what would get the most use, or what we already have plenty of, please see our following list and do not hesitate to reach out by phone.

What we desperately need

  • Feminine hygiene products
  • Suitcases
  • Stationery (journals, notebooks, pens, paper, etc)
  • New underwear and socks for women and children
  • New pajama sets and slippers for women and children
  • Toilet paper, facial tissues, paper towel
  • Cleaning supplies including spray cleaners, handsoaps, and disinfecting wipes

What we always need

  • Dental care items
  • Diapers and children’s overnight pants especially in sizes 4, 5 and 6
  • Toiletries including shampoo, conditioner, razors, shaving cream, soaps. lotions, hair products, etc.
  • Sleep pillows, pillow protectors, and fabric mattress protectors
  • Food, both non-perishable and fresh (no home canning please)
  • Used clothing (in season), small household goods, linens and towels, and children’s toys

Sorry, we don’t accept

  • Used cribs or crib mattresses
  • Used carseats or booster seats
  • Used furniture (please call to inquire about new furniture donations)
  • Open containers of food or formula
  • Open/partially used personal care products