Safety on the job

  • Be sure that your supervisor and immediate colleagues and building security are aware of your danger. Provide them with a photo of your partner and any identifying information you may have.
  • Your supervisor may wish you to have a group safety planning exercise to allay fears of co-workers, as well as to support you.
  • Arrange to have someone screen your calls.
  • Try to have gates or doors that prohibit the public from walking into employee space. Receptionists should have barriers in the form of high counters and plexiglas between them and the public. Receptionists should have a panic button that will alert someone else in the office that there is a problem. These buttons can be purchased at hardware stores and installed on the bottom of counters or chairs.
  • Identify a safety plan when you leave work. Have someone escort you to the car, bus or train. Use a variety of routes to go home if possible. Think about what you would do if something happened while going home. Keep your cellphone with you.

This information is compliments of Northern Society for Domestic Peace