Resources for Kids and Teens

Kids Help Phone Kids Help Phone at 1-800-668-6868 provides kids and teens access to a professional counsellor by phone to discuss their issue or concern 24 hours … Read More

About Sexual Assault

Sexual assault is NEVER your fault! ABOUT SEXUAL ASSAULT Sexual assault is any sexual activity that happens without your consent. Sexual assault is also referred to … Read More

Links to Further Learning

Learn About Abuse Personal Safety Plan Personal Safety Plan.pdf Note: Each safety plan is unique and complex and leaving your relationship can lead to increased risk … Read More

Housing Resources

Area Women’s Shelters/Transition Houses * Transition Houses are intended for short term accommodation of women and their children who are seeking safety from intimate partner violence … Read More

Financial Resources

Income Assistance British Columbia Self-Serve Assessment and Application tool to determine your eligibility and apply online for BC Employment and Assistance BC Employment and Assistance … Read More

Resources for Indigenous People

KU-UUS Crisis Line Society (24 hour crisis programs in BC) Toll-Free in BC 1-800-588-8717 Adult/Elder 250-723-4050 Child/Youth 250-723-2040 Aboriginal Legal Aid Native Youth Crisis Hotline … Read More

Links to Regional, Parent & Partner Organizations

BC Society of Transition Houses Resource with an up-to-date listing of Transition Housing, Second and Third Stage Houses, Safe Homes, Children Who Witness Abuse Programs, … Read More

Resources for LGBTQ2S+ and non-binary people

Abuse In Same Sex Relationships information brochure, Ending Violence Association of BC (EVA BC) A Self Help Guide to Healing And Understanding for Transgender Sexual Violence … Read More

Legal Resources

Legal Aid BC Legal information and representation for those who cannot afford a lawyer Aboriginal Legal Aid BC Specialized legal services for Aboriginal people … Read More

Resources for New Immigrants & Refugees

Shuswap Immigrant Services Society 250-804-2726 Support for newcomers, promote and celebrate diversity in the Shuswap. Virtual Legal Clinic (Partnership with Rise Women’s Legal Centre and Community … Read More

Resources for Victims of Crime

Community Based Victim Services 250-832-0005 Police Based Victim Services 250-832-4453 Victim Link BC 1-800-563-0808 (call or text 24 hours per day) Free, confidential, multilingual, 24 hour … Read More

About Abuse

Family violence and abuse occur in all ethnic, social, economic, religious, cultural and age brackets. What’s Abuse? Abuse comes in many forms including emotional, sexual, physical … Read More

Checklist – When You Leave You Will Take

Downloadable copy of a customizable checklist of items you will take with you when you leave and to record important phone numbers you will need.

If you are a teen in a violent relationship

If things in your relationship don’t feel right to you, talk about it with someone you trust. Decide which friend, teacher, or relative, you can go … Read More

Your children’s safety

The best thing your children can do for you and themselves during a violent episode is to get away and protect themselves. Make a plan for … Read More

Safety on the job

Be sure that your supervisor and immediate colleagues and building security are aware of your danger. Provide them with a photo of your partner and any … Read More

Safety while travelling

Vary your travel routes to and from work. Keep a map in your car and pre-plan routes to prevent having to leave your vehicle to ask … Read More

Safety throughout the day

A comprehensive safety plan covers all your regular activities. This includes time spent in the home, in the car or on public transit, in the homes … Read More

Safety through sharing

One of the best safeguards you may take is the difficult step of sharing your experience and your need for safety with those people who surround … Read More

Safety when preparing to leave

Identify who would let you stay with them or lend you some money. Always try to take your children with you or make arrangements to leave … Read More

Safety during a violent incident

If an argument seems unavoidable, try to have it in a room or area that has access to an exit. Avoid the bathroom, kitchen or anywhere … Read More

Safety through Protection Orders

Restraining Orders and Peace Bonds are both made by a judge in court (criminal court for peace bonds and civil court for restraining orders), for the … Read More

Local Resource List

SAFE Society Programs Transition House (Women’s Emergency Shelter): 250-832-9616PEACE Program for Children & Youth: 250-832-4474 (formerly Children Who Witness Abuse)Stopping the Violence Program: 250-832-9700Community Based Victim … Read More

Cover your tracks…

When you visit a webpage, you leave tracks of where you’ve been. Even after you close your browser, a digital footprint remains. This means that someone … Read More